The Kancil Story

Why Do We Use Kancil as the Mascot ?

Kancil is a small mouse deer, usually known as “Sang Kancil” with a reputation as a clever animal in many folk and children stories in Malaysia. “Sang Kancil” stories are published in many books written by Malaysian and international authors such as Georges Voisset, a French author in the book with title ‘Tales from the Deep Forest: The Very Curious Adventure of Kancil the Mouse Deer’ (2015). Malaysian children in the past grew up with “Sang KIancil” short animated series, which was created in 1970 by Hassan Mutalib, one of the pioneers in the Malaysian animation industry. Until today, “Sang Kancil” remain close to Malaysians as a timeless symbol of cleverness in the Malaysian folk tradition.

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