KSC JIGSAW: Monday, 10 July 2023

Have you ever tried to piece together a jigsaw puzzle? It’s a fun challenge that’s both exciting and relaxing at the same time. But what if you could turn that hobby into a weekly game? That’s exactly what we’re doing here! Ready to join in on the fun? Great! Keep reading to find out how […]

Rimas Kulit Gatal Sebab Gegata? 7 Punca Berlakunya Gegata!

Siapa sini pernah rasa gatal-gatal dekat kulit secara tiba-tiba? Tahu-tahu kulit kita berbintat. Awalnya terasa seperti gigitan nyamuk tapi gatalnya terasa sangat. Senang cerita, gatalnya lain macam. Makin digaru, makin membesar pula gigitan itu. Yang paling teruk membengkak pula. Daripada bintat kecil terus menjadi bintat besar yang merebak satu badan kita! Apa Itu Gegata? Kalau […]

KSC Wordle: Monday, 10 July 2023

Get ready to flex your brain muscles and join the KSC Wordle craze! In this week’s Wordle challenge, we bring you one exciting puzzles to solve. With each game requiring only six guesses to uncover a five-letter word, it’s the perfect opportunity to test your vocabulary and deduction skills. Join the thousands of players worldwide […]

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