Word Search [Planets]: Monday, 29 May 2023


Hey there, word search enthusiasts!  We have something really exciting for you. Today, we’re diving into a fun, challenging, and informative word search game all about Planets. The rules are simple. A grid of letters hides a list of words related to Planets.  Your mission is to find all these words. You can find words going up, […]

KSC JIGSAW: Monday, 29 May 2023

KSC Jigsaw_29 May

Have you ever tried to piece together a jigsaw puzzle? It’s a fun challenge that’s both exciting and relaxing at the same time. But what if you could turn that hobby into a weekly game? That’s exactly what we’re doing here! Ready to join in on the fun? Great! Keep reading to find out how […]

KSC Wordle: Monday, 29 May 2023


Get ready to flex your brain muscles and join the KSC Wordle craze! In this week’s Wordle challenge, we bring you one exciting puzzles to solve. With each game requiring only six guesses to uncover a five-letter word, it’s the perfect opportunity to test your vocabulary and deduction skills. Join the thousands of players worldwide […]

Unraveling the Mystery: Why We Can’t Resist Squeezing Cute Things

Unraveling The Mystery: Why We Can’t Resist Squeezing Cute Things

When we see something cute, like a small kitten or a puppy, we often can’t help but want to touch it or even squeeze it. But why? Scientists have spent many years trying to figure out what makes something cute. Way back in 1943, a scientist made a list of things that make babies look […]

Is It Normal to Talk to Yourself? Let’s Find Out!

Ever been caught talking to yourself and felt a bit embarrassed? Sometimes people might think it’s strange or even a sign of a mental problem. But guess what? It’s completely normal. In fact, we all do it! Let’s dive into this and learn why we talk to ourselves and how it can affect us. Table […]

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