KSC Spelling Bee: Monday, 22 May 2023


Are you ready to put your spelling skills to the test? Join our weekly KSC Spelling Bee challenge and create as many words as possible using the hive’s letters! With just a few simple rules, this game is a fun and engaging way to improve your vocabulary and challenge your mind. So grab your pen […]

KSC Jigsaw: Monday, 22 May 2023


Have you ever tried to piece together a jigsaw puzzle? It’s a fun challenge that’s both exciting and relaxing at the same time. But what if you could turn that hobby into a weekly game? That’s exactly what we’re doing here! Table of Contents Why You Should Participate It’s Fun!: Puzzling is a great way […]

Science of Space Word Search: Monday, 22 May 2023


Hey there, word search enthusiasts!  We have something really exciting for you. Today, we’re diving into a fun, challenging, and informative word search game all about Science of Space Word Search. The rules are simple. A grid of letters hides a list of words related to Science of Space.  Your mission is to find all […]

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