#SaveEarth: Modes of Green Transportation


The existing modes of transportation require enormous amounts of energy, for example, fossil fuels (natural gas, coal, oil) to power vehicles on the roads. Many recognize that these very automobiles cause a lot of pollution, which impacts the environmental and lead to health complications. Promising innovative technologies could be the ultimate solution, but before such innovations come to fruition, the world can play a significant role by utilizing eco-friendly modes of transportation obtainable. 

Below are modes of green transportation available in this age.

1) Bicycle

Using bicycle to commute is another great mode of green transportation. Riding a bicycle instead of driving a car enormously contributes to ridding the atmosphere of greenhouse gasses. Although walking is a great green transportation mode, a bicycle has far reaching benefits because it’s faster, plus it’s in itself a form of workout. You can buy a bicycle at really reasonable prices these days. Buying and maintenance cost is only fraction of that required for car.

2) Electric vehicles

Some notable kinds of electric vehicles include cars, motorcycles, lorries, trains, boats, and scooters. Electric vehicles powered entirely by electricity do not emit any dangerous gasses, even though the toxic emissions might be produced by plants generating the electricity. Still, the power can be tapped from renewable technologies like geothermal, hydroelectric, solar power and wind turbines. Opting for green vehicles powered by alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies puts less pressure on the environment as compared to conventional internal combustion engine vehicles running on petrol or diesel.

3) Green trains

Trains are getting increasingly greener with hybrid locomotives and other innovative green technologies. The innovative hybrid locomotives utilize similar technologies applied in hybrid cars. The modern electric trains make use of electrified third rail, overhead lines or devices that store up energy like fuel cells and batteries. The advantage of these electric trains is that they travel at tops speeds of more than 200 mph, yet maintaining high levels of safety.

3) Multiple occupant vehicles

Multiple occupant vehicles, also referred to as carpools, reduce the number of vehicles on roads, hence, minimizing levels of pollution. Multiple occupant vehicles are very eco-friendly and favorable mode of green transportation. Groups of friends and colleges can make use one vehicle when habitually driving in similar direction. Instead of 5 individuals driving their own cars in similar direction, it’s a lot more economical (saves money and fuel) and ecologically sensible to make use of a single car to take all of you to the destination.

4) Pedestrians

One should prefer to walk to the school, to work and to grocery shopping etc. Walking involves zero emission of any greenhouse gas, it’s free and an additional plus is it’s a good form of exercise for the body.


Green transportation has wide ranging benefits – environmental, health, economic and individual budgets. Enlisted below are some of the key benefits of using green transportation:

  1. Fewer to no environmental pollution

The existing modes of transportation utilize sources of energy such as fossil fuels, which emit vast quantities of greenhouse gases to the environment. Shifting to green transportation would help rid the atmosphere of these toxic gases since these modes of transportation have few to zero emissions.

  1. Saves you money

Embracing green transportation modes like bicycles, multiple occupant cars, and electric motorcycles will save you a lot of out-of-pockets costs related to buying fossils fuels at the pump.

  1. Contribute to building of a sustainable economy

Manufacturing and distribution of green vehicles will go along with improving existing transport systems. This will lead to creation of more jobs in the transport sector, hence, minimizing social-economic disparities and building up a sustainable economy. It will also minimize over-reliance on fossil fuels, which drain an economy.

  1. Improved health

Energy sources from fossils fuels like natural gas, coal, and oil emit toxic gases that negatively affect our health. In fact, these gasses have been associated with rising cases of cancer and other cardiovascular diseases. The emissions produced by green vehicles are not harmful to human health, so embracing green transportation will only improve a country’s health status.


There are many other benefits associated with green transportation which will enhance healthier lifestyle and improve quality of human life. It’s a daunting task to convince the entire population to change up to green transportation, but with significant steps underway, the future of green transportation is nothing but bright. Apart from this, there are various ways to go green at home. This will not only reduce the consumption of energy but will also save our environment from further degradation.

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