Congratulations to all winners!

Dear Kancil Science Competition 2020 Participants, These are the full results of the Kancil Science Competition 2020. This file is only for result preview. All physical certificates & medals will be courier to the schools after one month. 

1. The allocation of percentage for participants in the Kancil Science Competition 2020 are as follows:

  • Top 10% of participants from each category are the MEDALIST (Gold, Silver & Bronze).
  • The next 40% of participants are the receivers of HONORABLE MENTION certificates.
  • The remaining 50% will receive the certificate of PARTICIPATION.
  • All results that has been published are final.

To view the results, click the buttons below to download the file.

Once downloaded, press CTRL + F key and enter your school name to search for your school result.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

  • Q: How do I log in?
  • A: If you are registered with a teacher, only the teacher is allowed to log in into the system. If you registered as an individual, please use the same email & password when you did the registration.
  • Q: How to obtain the e-certificate?
  • A: The e-certificate can be download in our system linked as above. However, you will need to log in into the system. Please contact your teacher for assistance. If you urgently need to know the result, please refer to the pdf version attached in the Result 2020 page. We provide the e-certificate so that students can apply for their PAJSK marks with their teacher. However, we will send an original copy to all participants within one month.
  • Q: I already logged in, where can I get my e-certificate?
  • A: Please click the Result on the left-side menu and click Kancil Science Competition.
  • Q: Why is my certificate look weird when I downloaded it?
  • A: We suggest that you download the certificate one by one by clicking the green download button. We are fixing the Download as Zip button at the moment.
  • Q: How to report if I have my information wrongly written in the certificate?
  • A: You may write your concern/report in the Problem Report form we provided in the Result 2020 page. We will reply in 2 – 3 working days.
  • Q: Do I need to print my certificate?
  • A: It is not necessary because we will send a printed certificate to all participants to the address registered in the registration system.
  • Q: When will I receive my printed certificate?
  • A: We will send an original certificate to all participants within one month.
  • Q: What is the PAJSK mark for this competition?
  • A: It is our pleasure to announce that the PAJSK mark for Kancil Science Competition 2020 is national-level. Please refer to the KPM Recognition Letter attached in the Result 2020 page.
  • Q: Why the Skor Pencapaian does not apply to this competition?
  • A: The Skor Pencapaian is only eligible for the competition with only one winner for each medal. In our case, the Kancil Science Competition has more than 300 medalists. So, it does not apply to our competition.
  • Q: What is Skor Penglibatan & Skor Pencapaian?
  • A: Please refer to the KPM Recognition Letter attached in the Result 2020 page.
  • Q: Will the medalist received a medal?
  • A: Yes, absolutely. We will send a medal to the medalist together with their certificate.

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