How to Register

  1. Read the User Guide for online registration here.
  2. Log on to and complete the registration.
  3. Complete the payments.
  4. Registration should be done by the school teacher/ person-in-charge only.
  5. One school / centre may have more than one invigilator, but should have only one person-in-charge to make the registration.

Competition Procedure

  1. Registration should be done by the appointed teacher/person-in-charge only.
  2. One week before the competition, question packages will be sent to the schools/centers.
  3. The teacher / person-in-charge has to open the packages and check if it is the right package, to avoid any inconvenience on the competition day (Make sure that the questions are not leaked before the competition day).
  4. If there are any mistakes in the package, do contact us immediately.
  5. On the competition day, the schools will conduct the competition at their own venues.
  6. Schools will enforce the regulations of the competition, especially in making sure that the questions are not leaked before the competition day, and that the questions are not published online until one month after the competition day.
  7. Schools will then send back the answer sheets to the Kancil Science Malaysia.
  8. The result will be announced and the certificate will be awarded after the competition.
  9. Award ceremony will be organized for Archimedes Medalists.

Registration Fee

The registration fee is RM 35.00 (inclusive 6% GST)

Payment may be made through online transfer, cheque, bank-in or local order (LO) to Ardent Educational Consultants Sdn Bhd.

Maybank Account no:

5640 6143 2948